Finding a right time to work with your colleague is one of the priority under your job description. Google Calendar Working Hours has bring the solution for colleagues to book your calendar in your convenient time. This feature helps to reduce any scheduling issue of a meeting by booking the right time in your Google Calendar.

The updates to the Google Calendar Working Hours

G Suite Google Calendar encouraging Digital nomads to have a better work-life balance. Hence,  the Google Calendar Working Hours feature is now more proactive and prominent. The updates are as:

1. Working hours is now shown in grid view

When you plan a meeting with other Calendar user, their working hours will be appeared in the calendar grid.

Working Hours of the other users shows in Calendar Grid.


The purple moon icon indicated that you are trying to schedule and event or meetings outside of inviting guests working hours.

The purple moon icon showing that it is not the working hours of the other user.


2. Warning note for event creators

If you attempt to plan or schedule an event outside the another users working hours, you’ll see a warning notification.

A notification showing the meeting is outside of the working hours in Google Calendar.


In case you’re making an event, you’ll get a notice that “some people might decline” if you plan outside of other individuals’ working hours. This notification is to avoid the back-and-forth that comes with finding a meeting time that suits everyone – and to help you more likely deal with your work-life balance.


3. Working hours is ON by default

Working hours is turned ON by default for all users. When it’s first enabled, users will see a dialog (shown below) with an estimate of their working hours, which they can confirm or change. In addition, users can also disable the feature by selecting “Settings” in this dialog if they wish to do so.

Let others know the best times to work with you via Google Calendar Working Hours.
Source: Google


The updated feature has fully rolled out to G Suite users starting on September 16, 2019. Now everyone can plan and schedule their meeting so easily. I wish everyone can fully utilize this feature so that we can have a good work-life balance.


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