Do you know that Google Docs has a function called “Explore”? It helps to search relevant information on your fingertips, and help you to work efficiently. Let’s dive in to learn how the Google Docs Explore Tool works!

What is Google Docs Explore and how to use it?

Assume that I am a food blogger and I am going to write an article about Penang Foods. Firstly, I would need to search enough resources to write my article. Hence, I start my research with Google Docs Explore tool.

Click the explore button

You can find “Explore”at the bottom right.

put the key word

Search the keyword which is”Penang Food”

search in cloud search

You will see three different categories, and I am going to explain each one to you.

1. CLOUD SEARCH: It searches across your G Suite‘s content

Suppose I want to find out whether there is any”Penang Food” information in the cloud, by using”CLOUD SEARCH”, it allows me to have all the relevant information shown with just a single click.

It provides most relevant function

I can easily search relevant content in my G Suite.

2. Web: Search relevant websites

Web Search

I am able to search websites and start doing my researches, also look for where is a good place to have my lunch. 🙂

Simply click on the website to search.

Can add the link footer

It also has Site Footer function. Click on ” ❞ “.

3. Images:Quickly search relevant images 

Relevant images

For many web editors or media workers, the need for images, such as press releases or interviews, often takes a long time to find them for commercial use. With Google Docs Explore tool, it helps you to sort out images that are for commercial use.

※It is recommended to enter the picture to double confirm whether it is commercially available

Image is available for commercial use

Click the image to see the image’s commercial availability.

click to insert the image

Click” Insert” the image.

insert the picture

Although the Google Docs Explore Tool is a small function in Google Docs, it helps people such as blogger saving countless of time working on the documents and searching for relevant information. I hope this tips may be useful for people who is working more with documents.


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