A lot of people get confused either by the differences between G Suite and Gmail, or should they purchase G Suite from Google or the Google Partner? In this article, I will briefly share the differences between G Suite and Gmail and also recommendation on the most convenient method to purchase G Suite in Malaysia and Singapore.

What is G Suite?

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In my previous article, I have shared many tips and tricks to use G Suite applications more effectively. For example, “Quick tips to create and send group emails in Gmail“, How to recover deleted emails in Gmail and others”. Some of these features are only designed for G Suite users. 

Basically, G Suite is a paid Google comprehensive tools. You may ask why should I pay if I can just get the Gmail for free? I understand that many people would think this way, but there is of course some reasons so that Google bundle the office needs in a package. 

The major differences between G Suite and Gmail: 

  • G Suite is designed for business and can be centrally managed
  • Customized email address as @yourcompanyname.com instead of @gmail.com
  • Access to Admin Console for granular settings and control
  • Larger storage. 30GB for Basic Account and unlimited storage for Business Account

If you want to know more about the G Suite differences, refer to the following information: What is G Suite? What are the differences between G Suite and Gmail

What is the cost of G Suite account and what is included? 

I checked the G Suite pricing on Google official website, they have different pricing for Malaysia and Singapore. I would recommend you to look for local Google Partner to know more details. This is the price list for G Suite per user per year for Singapore and Malaysia as below. 

Singapore Malaysia
Basic Edition USD 72 USD 64.80
Business Edition USD 144 USD 122.40

Let us do the math now. We take USD64.80 divided by 365. It is actually USD 0.18 cent per day per user for a Basic Account in Malaysia, and just USD 0.34 cent per day per user for a Business Account in Malaysia.

G Suite is not only about Gmail. It is comprises of many many advanced features such as:

  • 30GB to Unlimited Gmail and Google Drive Storage
  • Convenient to manage and share files with co-workers
  • Retain, search and export your organisation data

What is the most recommended way to purchase G Suite in Malaysia and in Singapore?

Calculator to let you calculate smartly the price to purchase G Suite in Malaysia and Singapore.

3 must-to-know when purchase G Suite from a Google Partner

  1. Does the company provide post-sales service, and have a high review?
  2. Does the price is transparent and have bargaining space if purchase in bulk? (Hey hey, we would like to bargain when we buy more!)
  3. Does the company can accept in local currency and provide support in local language?

Based on these tips and also feedback from my friends, I found out TS Cloud has all these criterias. They are the G Suite Premier Partner in Malaysia and G Suite Premier Partner in Singapore. They accept local currency and able to communicate in local language. Hence, if your company is located in Malaysia or in Singapore, it would be a better option to inquire G Suite information from them.

Finally, I hope my tips to purchase G Suite in Malaysia and Singapore helps you to find the ideal way to purchase G Suite and start using it in your business!.