In this article, I will share 4 examples of office application forms on Google docs. Whether you are creating an application for a business trip, meeting minutes, or a proposal, use this Google Docs Templates download to get free Google Docs Templates!

Free Google Docs Templates Download!

Sometimes we just don’t want to download template from the Internet because some templates might contain viruses or different format version which is incompatible, aren’t they? I have a good suggestion of using the Google Docs and Google Sheets to make your own templates. This is because it is safe and secure to kept online. So, let’s deep dive the 4 kinds of common application form for office and say goodbye to download files. Let’s start to leverage the convenience of cloud digital has brought to us.

1. Overtime Application Form

Google Docs Templates for Overtime Application Form.

2. Application for Business Trip

Google Docs Templates for Application of Business Trip.

3. Meeting Minutes

Google Docs Templates for Meeting Minutes.

4. Business Proposal

Google Docs Templates for Business Proposal.

Advanced setting: Google Docs template gallery

It is common that everyone in the company often need to spend a lot of time searching for templates. As long as you are a G Suite user, you can use the Google files in the”Template Gallery”. Moreover, the templates synchronize as well. Therefore, this will ease your company that everyone is using the latest document templates, and eliminating the need to search and announcement time!

3 benefits of using the Google Docs Template Gallery

  • 1st Benefit:Easy to use and save the time in searching for templates.
  • 2nd Benefit:Everyone can use it online.
  • 3rd Benefit 3:It is synchronized and ensure everyone is using the latest version.

Differences between Template Gallery and Google Docs?

Everyone can use the template when it is submitted in the Google Docs Template Gallery. Hence, when you attempt to update the template, it will be auto updated to the template library as well. Therefore, other colleagues who are accessing the same template will be able to access the latest version of the template as well. Therefore, this update helps to save time of giving notice to all employees every time regarding the template updates.

How to upload a template into the Google Docs Template Gallery?

Step 1: Open the Google Docs Template Gallery

Google Docs Template Gallery


[Submit template] on the top right.

Select to submit the template to the template gallery.


Step 2: Upload the Google Docs and select Category

Select a document of template to upload in template gallery.


In the future, if you want to use a template for a new document, you can directly open the Google Docs template library to select the template, and use the template directly. When the user download the template, have no worries that it will not change the original template. However, it will be saved as a new document.


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